恭喜以下本科生赢得费城BMES年会上BMES WHO美敦力的学生设计大赛:


教师的导师是博士。萨姆松Lampotang,高级讲师设计是博士。 LaKiesha威廉姆斯和导师的竞争是博士。萨拉·罗林森。

The team won with their project entitled, Transrectal & Transperineal Ultrasound Mixed Reality Simulation. The 2019 design theme was digital imaging. The team was asked to improve or reinvent the practice of viewing the body through devices.


The team designed an ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy mixed-reality simulation, in collaboration with UF Center for Safety, Simulation & Advanced Learning Technologies (CSSALT), with the aim of developing a cost-effective and portable educational simulator that would allow clinicians to assess their performance and improve their prostate biopsy techniques. This device combined both virtual components, such as ultrasound images and anatomical diagram guides, with tracked physical components, such as a physical prostate, needle gun and ultrasound probe. The simulator used an existing commercial tracking system in conjunction with 3D visualization to provide clinicians a means to practice and refine their technique in a low-risk, low-stress environment. More importantly, the simulator provided real-time feedback on biopsy locations and probe positioning in relation to both physically and virtually simulated prostate. The simulator software was based on the SMARTS-SDK (developed by CSSALT) and implemented in the Unity3D game engine.

截至目前,球队已经通过了我们的设计用友cssalt。 UF cssalt已经通过的设计在国际的研究,已在减少最初假阴性率和提高活检的准确度显示出积极成果使用。